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  • This coats colors are magnificent.  The coat will fit most Rottweilers, Some Goldens (larger) and Larger Retrievers.  In addition this will fit most German Shepherds and some Mastiffs.     This coat has 2" Velcro.  It will keep coat on secure and snugg.  Please measure correctly to ensure proper fitting.

    Coat Measurements:

    22-26"Neck  CAN BE MADE SMALLER

    32-40"Width CAN BE MADE SMALLER


    This coat can be customized for a smaller neck and a smaller width.  Please let me know so I can adjust.

    XXLW - Teal, Rust, Amber, Gold

    • Wash/Dry regular.  It is suggested to not use any scented detergents, no fabric softener and no dryer sheets.  


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